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Wake-up Call?

What are the world’s top 10 university brands? UCSF ranks 40th in the World Reputation Ratings for 2013, down from 31st  in 2012. Within the UC System, UCSF ranks behind UC Berkeley (5th), UCLA (8th), and UC San Diego (37th). Harvard has the top brand, setting the bar at an overall rating of 100.00. UCSF’s […]

CTSI Online Learning 2.0

Moodle 2: The Next Stage in the Evolution of the CLE Second generation Moodle (aka Collaborative Learning Environment at UCSF) is currently being piloted here at UCSF. You might want to take a look at Convergence, a blog dedicated to supporting the adoption of Moodle 2.3 (we’re skipping right over 2.0 – 2.2x). I’m very […]

It is a happy moment!

Designing Clinical Research Online for physicians and researchers at Peking Union Medical College Hospitals (PUMCH) resumed this week following the Spring Festival break. To be honest, it wasn’t really all that much of a break. There was a significant amount of discussion forum activity every day, and even though we had all agreed that faculty […]

Online Class on How To Teach Online Classes Goes Laughably Awry

Fundamentals of Online Learning … OOPS! This disaster could have been mine. If I weren’t so swamped with my current online courses, I might have taken a stab at just this type of course. So I am very grateful to the people who took this huge risk with all good intentions, knowledge, skills, and vision. […]

Why You Need a “Course Concierge”

“What is a course concierge?” you might ask. Another good question might be, “What could be so hard about online education that you would need one?” Well … a lot of things, from design to delivery to evaluation. Let’s just focus on delivery for now. You have designed and developed your course site and you […]

UCSF CTSI Designing Clinical Research Partners in London, Beijing, and Shanghai

Thirty physicians and researchers at Peking Union Medical College Hospitals (PUMCH) and twenty-four researchers at Roche / Genentech in China are currently enrolled in the University of California San Francisco Designing Clinical Research (DCR) course. The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) at UCSF has embarked on an initiative to provide its flagship clinical research […]

20 Tips On How To Work With Students Who Have a Hard Time Collaborating

This article caught my eye today. As we embark on Week 4 of our Designing Clinical Research (DCR) course with Peking Union Medical Center Hospitals (PUMCH), we find ourselves constantly reminding, encouraging, almost pleading with our learners to engage with their peers. While our assignment is not truly a group project, we do expect all […]

Colleges Are Warming Up to Online Learning (Teachers Are Not)

From The Atlantic: If U.S. colleges and universities are ever going to bring down their costs, it means that one day they’re going to have to buck up and embrace online learning as regular tool for teaching undergrads. And in order for that to happen, it means their faculty members will have to get on […]

Last one in the P.O.O.L. is a rotten egg!

Welcome to Perspectives on Online Learning, our new blog dedicated to conversation about online learning, teaching, design, and a little technology tossed in for good measure. Let’s talk and share — agree and disagree — teach each other and learn from each other — find opportunities for collaboration — seek and give feedback — think […]