Way of the future?

· Online Education

Online education the way of the future

by Tracy Larrabee
My comments … and questions —
I can’t help but wonder what we mean by “future”. 10 years? 2014? This summer? Tomorrow?
Maybe the question is less about when and more about whom. Whose future? Learners? Teachers? Institutions? Communities?
Or maybe it is about technology. Will we have some new gadgets and applications emerging sooner or later that will transport us into an online education future?
I’m wondering if we just aren’t sure what we mean when we ponder an online education future.
Or maybe we’re just not sharing what we are already doing.
The term asynchronous takes on a provocative meaning for me in this contemplation. I expect that those leaders at the University of Illinois or University of Maryland who were doing online education in 1960 would have their heads spinning and wondering why anyone in 2013 would be talking about online education as the way of the future. Clearly the adoption of online education has been anything but synchronous. Some institutions have been doing online education for half a century! Makes me wonder what the future holds for them.
I guess the message for me is … THE FUTURE IS NOW!

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