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Free Online Lectures by Leading UCSF Scientists

The talks are available at, and include lectures by Nobel laureates Elizabeth Blackburn, Eric Wieschaus, and David Baltimore, as well as an impressive group of UCSF biologists that includes Joe Derisi, Jonathan Weissman, and Cynthia Kenyon. Topics include: “How I Became a Scientist,” by Robert Ramirez, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology at San Francisco […]

UCSF Partners with Coursera Attracting Global Audience to Health and Science Curriculum

It’s great to hear that UCSF and other top universities are offering free, online classes through the website Coursera.  In a recent article UCSF announced: There has never been a more important time for students to learn about health and science, but many don’t have access to high-level classes,” said Joseph Castro, PhD, vice chancellor of Student Academic […]

From eLearning to WeLearning

When you think about online education, what comes to mind? I often hear things like: I don’t like online learning — I like to be in the classroom where I can interact with other students. I’m too social for online learning — online learning is too isolating and lonely. Online learning is boring. How about you? […]

Where Are We Going With Online Learning?

Here is an interesting post about “How Online Innovators Are Disrupting Education.” In fact, Education Department data from last year reported that ”students in online conditions performed modestly better, on average, than those learning the same material through traditional face-to-face instruction.” Other report findings include: According to the 2010 Sloan Survey of Online Learning, approximately 5.6 million students took at […]

Improving Clinical Research Training: New UCSF-CTSI Online Course Doubles as Research Study

August 1, 2011 marked the official start date for Designing Clinical Research (DCR) for Students and Faculty. The majority of scholars will assemble on Monday and Wednesday mornings in the traditional lecture hall at the Parnassus campus. Twenty self-selected learners will take the course completely online via the UCSF Collaborative Learning Environment, AKA Moodle. The online course site was […]